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Moon Lane are delighted to introduce our latest service!

Do you have a children’s book lurking in a file at the back of your computer or are you all ready to approach an agent but need a professional proof read before you send your brilliant idea off?

Whatever stage you are at, whether you are planning to self-publish or send out to agents, Emma Ferguson is here to help you to bring out the best of your ideas and polish up your writing to give it the strongest chance of success.

Emma Ferguson for Moon Lane
Emma Ferguson

Emma’s ability for story telling initially developed through her ballet and acting training, first at the Vaganova Academy in Russia and later at Rambert and Arts Educational School London.

She went on to work as a professional dancer with London City Ballet, Northern Ballet and The Israeli National Ballet, playing Meg in Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty’s Theatre along the way.

Emma took a break from her editorial ambitions to raise her three boys, during which time she has read libraries of children’s literature, become an experienced children’s bookseller and designed magical and magnificent book themed Moon Lane windows along with Leah Chin.

With her eldest son off to university, Emma is now, happily for us, returning to her original love of editing and is available to book by getting in touch with us here…

“Emma is an absolute joy to work with, quick, reliable and thorough. I have been working on my first novel for a few years now and having struggled with getting a suitable edit for submission, Emma stepped in and got the manuscript ship shape. Editing is a process that no writer revels in, as it’s hard to let go of your work. Emma made this process pain free and instilled confidence in the final product. It’s all now safely in my agent’s hands. I look forward to working with her on future projects.”

Simon Fullerton, Bullion Music Publishing

“Emma has been a shining light in the Moon Lane journey. As a writer, her advice, brilliant insight and gentle honesty has been invaluable to me and as a core part of the Moon Lane team, her wonderful sense of humour, hard work and dependability has kept us all going. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Emma, in any capacity, is very lucky.”

Tamara Macfarlane, Children’s Author, founder and co-owner of Moon Lane Group

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