Press: The Big Issue

To celebrate Independent Bookshop Week next week The Big Issue have a smashing spread entitled 'The Best Sellers List' with interviews from a handful of the UK's Independent Bookshops whose 'story is as interesting as its stock' - including an interview with our Moon Lane Creative Director and Tales on Moon Lane Ramsgate Manager, Nicci Rosengarten. Pick up a copy from your nearest seller!!

Press: South London Press

Our Moon Lane founder, Tamara Macfarlane was interviewed by the South London Press team with a special focus on our sister shop in Catford, Moon Lane Books / Ink CIC, and a mention about our Moon Lane TV YouTube channel which was created and is run from Ramsgate.

Press: Moon Lane Ramsgate featured in The Guardian UK, and all the booksellers like Moon Lane Ramsgate who use their platform for online book sales, had a lot to celebrate today... reaching the ยฃ1million mark for commissions passed onto independent booksellers since launching in November 2020. Nicci Rosengarten, Manager of Moon Lane Children's Books & Toys in Ramsgate was one of the …